Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The time has come, the walrus said....

Well time is winding down quickly. I had a chance to say goodbye to everyone at church in Louisville last Sunday (THANK YOU for my send off... and all the baking and hard work the ladies put in, I appreciate it so much!). The hardest part of leaving Louisville was of course saying goodbye to my best friend, and sister- Steph (and OF COURSE Cora... my tiny twin).

The trip to NJ went well and the day after getting back my Mom and I unpacked all of my earthy belongings into the garage, packed the car with some flip flops and bathing suits and headed to the beach. It was nice because I had missed this tradition two years in a row because of money being tight and moving etc. Friday we got home (after the severely overhyped Hurricaine Earl scare) and the next day I had a cookout with my sister Jo and her husband, and my sister Gret and her husband and kids.

Sunday was great. They had a student from Westminster named Bijan Mirtolooi visiting who preached Sunday School and morning service. S.S. was about turning sorrow and trials and sadness into joy, and remaining positive through every situation. Morning service he spoke about 'Hesed' love (giving, truly unconditional love) as displayed through humans in the book of Ruth. Pastor Dunn's sermon Sunday night was entitled "Go and Be a Blessing". Talk about dead on. He spoke about leaving everything and the command to be a blessing to others, leaving country, family etc.... After eventing service I had a chance to speak and explain what brought me to this point in my life and what I'll be doing there in Zambia.

Yesterday I had more opportunity to spend time with family and my very special Aunt Jen :). I have all of my shopping done and all of my little last minute things... One quick stop to the bank tomorrow and packing all my stuff into the bags themselves and I will be done- ready to go!

My emotions are quite mixed, but thus far I haven't had a breakdown quite yet. Mom's first meltdown was yesterday. I'm surprised she lost it before me... I'm sure it will hit me when I least expect it.... right now I am just ready!

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