Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm home...

I am so tired I just want to curl up in a corner but I know if I don't write this quickly now then I never will.

Everything went amazingly. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I had minor glitches with the first flight (read: wthere was no water supply to the sinks and toilets so we landed in boston and it was litterally a 30 second fix (the pump was off kilter) and so then we sat there for an hour and a half while they did paperwork for said glitch and then we tried an alternate route because of weather and Heathrow was packed and THUS a 6 hour flight became 11 hours.) The wait in London was just long and boring and after a nice enough Norwegian man saw the internet machine eat all of my english pounds and gave me all his change, I spent the rest of my time hiding in Terminal A's women's restroom because his "nice enough" became "that's enough" and so when he asked me for my address here and phone number and if I was single, I excused myself to the restroom and never came back. BUT I met a woman there, around 55. She came up to me and said in an alllll too familiar accent said "I recognize that bag (made out of chitenge cloth) any chance you are flying to Zambia?" I said I was and she said "Please, I am so nervous and so confused. This is only my second time flying and the last time I had a guide, can I follow you around?" So I said yes and for the last hour or so we were buds and I learned about her. And Miss Bilwe (Bileeway?) if I pass through Kabwe I will most definately look you up in Morning Star Cafe.

On the plane I sat next to a Catholic Bishop from Poland. He didn't speak any English but had his Bible out for a while so I got mine out also and we took turns finding verses to point out to eachother's respective language's Bibles. That and a bunch of smiles were really the only communication we had or could have had but it was interesting none the less.

Well I got to the airport, got my visa for 50USD (which was much less than I expected) and I get my working visa next week I presume (or start the process anyways). All three bags were there in plain sight, I cruised through security and let me tell you, seeing Megan Sarah and Emma was jkindof the reality of it all. A new sister and two new neices... and just in the nick of time before my body shut down.

 I got a burst of new energy riding through Lusaka, so when we got in I unpacked a bit into the guest room, took a MUCH needed shower and got ready to go to a wedding! So we went to the wedding and then immediately after went to a ceremony they have here the week before a woman gets married (a separate woman, marraige is in the air this weekend) All the women get together and show the bride to be how to cook and make nshima for her husband and they spend all day (and I mean ALL DAY) cooking tons and tons of food... when it's all finished (complete with songs and dances) we brought it over the the husband and his family. We held the pots on our heads and you enter the door facing backwards then present it with two hands... there had to have been 40 women at least and 100 pots of food. it was insanity. (and yes, I forgot my camera). Anyways they do a ton of dancing and singing and rituals (washing the mans hands feet and face, taking the lid off every single pot and showing the family what was prepared while the family and friends throw money in the air. Very awesome. Megan and I caught the bus home (not sure I am a fan of the bus... ;) ) and now I am writing this and then LAYING DOWN.

I wish I had been more myself today for all that. I hit a wall somewhere during the wedding ceremony where words became nonsense and my whole body just felt numb. I am so beyond tired emotionally and physically... I traveled for 3 days on 3 timezones and my body is sooo confused. I know tomorrow will be a new and fresh day. I'm glad I got those experiences even with the grog.

Oh yea, and Grace..... is my little bud. She seems to have taken a liking to me right away and cried when they took her away! Love her. Can't wait for tomorrow!.... or an hour from now... who know's what's going to happen!

Pictures will go on facebook for now. check them!


  1. please excuse bad spelling and grammar. im beat.

  2. well, not ALL your English pounds!! Glad to hear you are safe and sound. It will take a while to acclimate but sleep should do wonders. Glad you got to go with Megan today. I'm wondering how long it will take me to stop counting ahead 6 hours , wondering what time it is there and what you are doing. Probably never ; )

  3. Thanks for remembering your faithful to it! and SLEEP