Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busyyyyy

Life has been pressing on here... things have been very busy! Last Saturday we had our second "Boys Day" Tickey and Musonda, two of my friends from church, came and did a devotional and talked with the boys about "girls and and relationships" It went VERY well and I believe our boys benefitted very much from that, I am very thankful for them and their efforts on the behalf of my boys. We did school all week and it went well- the boys are progressing so well!

On Friday, we were able to do school in the morning with Protasho, Patrick and Mutale (the boy who has recently just "joined" our class). We also were able to meet Patricks mother. There was a lot of confusion on what was going on there... It turns out that Protasho is the youngerst brother of Patricks mother, making Protasho Patrick's uncle. Patricks father died shortly after he was born and then the mother remarried and had two more, then that father died. She recently married the father to her last born- who wants nothing to do with the children from her previous marraiges which is why Patrick lives with Protasho. Friday afternoon we got word that Harrington was very sick and so we had to cancel our classes and take him to the clinic. They are not sure what it is, his malaria test was negative but he is showing all the signs and symptoms of malaria so they are treating him with the antibiotics for that. Before we left, we took Barbara to get her hair braided because she never has had it done and all the other girls get to have theirs done.

Friday night Katherine Johnston, a nursing student who is here doing short term missions, and I cooked chicken, "soup" (tomato, onion, oil, peppers and seasoning), and beans for the family lunch on Saturday.

On Saturday we had our "family lunch". We got to Fanny's house and the power shut off, so we went and bought charcoal and cooked over open flame until the power came back on. We prepared the above mentioned as well as cabbage and of course, nshima! The lunch went very well. Megan, Katherine and I served and everyone was there except Philip (his Aunt needed him to work), Harrington( who was sick), Francis (who had a meeting at school because he has been elected a "prefect" which is like a hall monitor) and Memory (who went with her mother somewhere). After lunch, Katherine gave a Bible study and a health/hygiene talk. Overall it went very well. The Daka's brought their neighbor, who is blind. He is apparently Joseph's best friend and the only person he will speak to.

After the lunch, Katherine and I took Tisa, Barbara and Mwansa to my youth group at the church I attend. We brought them to my place for a sleepover which was SO much fun!! We took them to the mall (Barbara's first time) and out to eat at a real restaurant (Tisa and Barbara's first time! Mwansa's first was last year when I took her to a chicken place- and she didn't know how to use the silverware!) After we ate we took them home and watched a disney movie, painted eachothers nails and I flat ironed Tisa's hair for church sunday. We had such a great time and took the opportunity to talk to the girls about being women (via proverbs 31) and not focusing on vanity and boys. They came to church with us Sunday and then we took them for lunch and dropped them home. They/we had a wonderful time.

Monday and Tuesday was the annual Antioch Youth Conference at Kabwata Baptist Church and we had a representation of about 30 kids (ours plus their friends and siblings) from Kabanana. It was a blessing to see them hear God's word for the two days and to spend that time with them.

Monday night was the fourth of July, so we had some of my friends, Tickey, Musonda, Corry, Chanda, Mumba and Maggie over for a barbeque and played some games together. It was nice of them to celebrate with us!

Yesterday we had school again, but we were informed that Protasho's mother (Patricks grandmother), was severely beaten by two men. She cannot find work because her face is swollen and she is very sore, so we sent some mealie (corn meal for making nshima) and gave Patrick and Protasho the next week off so that they can be doing piecework to help supply food for the family.

Tomorrow we will be leaving for Ndola to visit and minister to our kids there and returning Sunday evening.

Next week on Monday, Lord willing, we will be starting our "Guardian Business Startup Ministry". I am VERY excited for this as it will be great for the families and also for us.

On Tuesday Morning, I got word that my father was rushed to the hospital. It was a hard day of waiting and worrying not really knowing exactly what was wrong or how serious the issue was. He is still in the hospital and is in a lot of pain, but he is expected to recover well and I would covet your prayers on his behalf. It is very very scary to have something like this happen when I am halfway accross the world and I have had a very heavy heart for the past few days.