Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today, I choose joy.

I cant think of any other way to begin this post other than to say that I am very happy. Many of you have been praying together with me that God would bring me a man and he went above and beyond all I asked of him. Some of you must have REALLY been on your knees on my behalf for me to have been blessed in this way... Please continue with us in prayer as we grow closer together and together- grow closer to God.

Work with the kids is going well. We've been busy finishing up paying school fees and chasing kids around trying to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. ( Some of the kids like to "extend" their vacations into the next term- especially the new ones who are not used to much structure in their lives.

Continue to pray with us for the Tembo family. The kids need guidance and we can see some "acting out" and rebellion I am sure some of which is due to greif and some due to lack of structure and discipline now in the home. They need the true knowlege and saving power of Christ and I pray we show it to them through our love for them, actions toward them and feeble attempts to minister to them and show them love.

It seems as though the chicken pox have finally stopped spreading around! So no more white creamed faced greeting me on the road every day. This month is child health month, so last week Fanny and I were busy taking all the kids for measles vaccinations because there was a recent outbreak.

Now that we are finished with all that- we can FINALLY get back to my sweetheart, Alex. We plan to start him on the ARV's tomorrow and then as soon as any negative effects subside from that, we will move on to finishing up his paperwork for school.

Please pray for the kids for the next few months, in October and November they begin their grade 7 and grade 9 tests which are VERY important- and put a lot of stress on them, thier families and us as we continue to tutor and get them ready for those.

I got a new baby girl puppy, Jules (aka Juju). She has myasis, though so today I am taking her to the clinic. Jayte has one eye that has turned completely white so he'll also be along for the ride! Pets!!

This was just a quick update- trying to be more on top of this blogging thing so I dont have to cram everything into one long blog once a month!  and couldnt stop myself from gushing about the joy in my heart <3

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  1. We want pictures! We want pictures! We want picture! Glad you guys are doing well, that's great to hear.