Friday, September 7, 2012

Cloud 9 is comfy.

Another month gone by. So much has changed in that 1 month it feels like a year! At the beginning of the month, we had our first annual Hope ministries camp! Most of the kids were able to attend, for one family- the guardian was not comfortable letting her 2 kids go for that long a period of time. For the rest who were not able to come, it was because of a chicken pox outbreak of all things!

We played sports and games, made necklackes with the girls, had devotionals from Catie and Bible sessions with Pr. Thole and James, had separate boys and girls "talks" getting to some issues of growing up etc... (the boys one was handled by Joseph Quarmout who was here visiting for a few weeks). The kids absolutely loved it and on Friday, although the adults were ready to go sleep- the kids were begging to stay!! It was such a blessing to be able to do that and they are already asking when the next camp is- I am using it as incentive for them to do well in school so they remain in the program and get to do that again!

After the camp, Catie was here for another week and then headed home. In that week we started Alex's processes of texts/exams for him to get his paperwork. For 3 days, Fanny and I woke up at 4am to go and get in line at the hospital. You wait in line there for hours upon hours.... the doctor shows up around 9:30-10 (but if you are not there at 4-5 you don't get a spot in line and they only see 15-30 people a day). By 8 there were over 100 people clamoring for a spot. Nightmare. Absolute nightmare. Anyway we pushed and shoved as much as the rest- and I am ashamed to say that on the second to last day I used my skin to my advantage, depite promising myself I'd never do that.

Having been up and at it since 4am- when it got to be 10 am (knowing we had ANOTHER appointment to line up for at noon) I lost all patience and pushed through into the office telling them this was our second day here and we were going to miss our next appointment, essentially making a white lady scene. (MY FIRST I might add, in these 2 years) It turned out they had even misplaced Alex's file, and never wouldve called us- so it's a good thing I did that! After 3 grueling days of that we have one more appointment and then we'll be done. But I can safely say that hospital is on my list of places never to ever visit again as long as it's my choice. (That was the same hospital I was refered to for my biopsies earlier in the year.. not a chance!)

Alex collapsed at church on Sunday, and the doctors say he is severely underweight and malnourished (I'd say so, at 72 pounds and 17 years old...). On Monday, we start the process of taking him to get started on ARV's. More appointements and needles- which he HATES, but at least at a different clinic!

The kids started back to their last term of school this week and last. With Maureen on leave from work for the month, Fanny and I have been cooking. It has been HOT and cooking over open heat for 40 kids is no picnic!! We also paid up all the school fees which is stressful so I am glad thats over with.

Many of you have been praying for/asking about Maureen's wedding. Regretably, it was called off. It is for the best and she is handling it with God given stregnth but please keep her in your prayers.

Last month was the Reformed Family Confrence here in Lusaka. It was a great week and I had the pleasure of hosting two women who traveled here for the confrence from Luapula. They were wonderful guests and I am happy to call them freinds and proud I was able to give them a place to stay so they could enjoy and benefit from the confrence.

Many of you have also been praying for me in regards to my lonliness and want/need for a husband. Welllll.... at the confrence I met someone. He is a pastor and serves as an intern under Conrad Mbewe at Kabwata Baptist Church. He desires to be a missionary pastor after finishing his internship. We are getting to know eachother and enjoying eachother VERY much, and I would ask for your prayers now as we talk to freinds and pastors and seek God's direction from here.

This month will be full of appointments for Alex, meetings with teachers and guardians, delivering food, teaching tuition classes and on top of all that is my 2 year anniversary of moving to Zambia. I can't wait to see what year 3 brings my way....

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  1. praise God for such goodness on our prayers... praying always! Melissa