Friday, August 3, 2012

Alice Tembo.

Yesterday we had gone to see Mrs Tembo. I had planned to bring the kids to see her today for the first time in two weeks, knowing the time was soon. We left the hospital at around 5:30 and she passed away at 7. No one knew until this morning because her mother, who had been with her at her passing, had no phone and no means of transportation.

Catie said she believed that for Mrs Tembo, seeing Maureen Fanny and I gave her peace knowing her family was going to be taken care of and it enabled her to stop suffering and let go. I don't know that I've recieved a greater compliment. I hope we are able to fill the shoes of mother auntie and caretaker to these children.

 The kids were prepared but are taking it as well as can be expected, and in fact Wisdom has run away. I am sure he needs time to process. Please pray for this family, pray for Fanny and Maureen as they spend says and nights caring for and being there for the family. Pray for myself as I try to find where I fit into this and how I can be of help to each one of these kids, Fanny, Maureen and the family. Pray for the ministry as we decide how to move forward with the kids and what to do next. Pray for Wisdom....

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