Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dancing in the streets

Well I just wrote an entire blog and it was deleted by the internet that I love so much here....

In a nutshell, work has been VERY busy. Maureen Fanny and I have met with the guardians and talked to them about their responsibility to the ministry and the kids and well as encouraging them to be part of the church life more than they are. It was a good opportunity for everyone to get to know eachother and we left laughing and talking as friends.

We have paid all school fees, except for Nathan who is waiting on acceptance to the University of Zambia, and Barbara who failed.  All the kids have new shoes, backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils etc. They've also got lunch provided every day either by their school or Maureen.

We also had a family lunch for the kids and I led a devotional on New beginnings as we start this year off. Many of the kids sang solos and I will be uploading some video of that as soon as I have better internet! It was great for us all to be back together again playing and singing.

M, F &I have also visited all the families to encourage and check on them, as well as visiting all the businesses to see how progress is coming along. Many of them are facing a lull because of the season but some have decided to switch what they are selling for this season and it seems to be working, not a single failure among all 10 businesses and in fact, many of them have "promoted" themselves, moved to better markets and are calling themselves shop owners and marketeers rather than just vendors or sellers!!

Here is a link to the pictures from the guardian meeting and then the lunch- pictures of the businesses are still to come once the internet is better and I can upload them all at once!
In other news, Zambia won the Africa Cup! I am SO PROUD to be here and to be part of this.... you can not imagine the excitement and hype. Imagine the entire united states... every single person... is a baseball fan. Now imagine EVERYONE supports the same team, and that team just won the championship. Now add in a culture that celebrates with singing and dancing and noise.... beautiful chaos!
It's a lot like the elections only about 10 times more, because now it's not just sata supporters, its every single person. I wish everyone could experience this kind of excitement and patriotism... every single person in the country on the same page, all happy about the same thing, all in it together, all dancing and high fiving in the streets... for days (I still hear yelling and car horns and vuvuzelas, 2 days later!) Awesome.
I have pictures and video to upload of the aftermath- people in the streets etc. but again, the internet is bad right now. I will try to get to it later!
In terms of my health, I a still a bit overwhelmed but being so involved with the Africa Cup and work and everything else over here, time is passing and I am making it through. I am scheduled to return to the states on March 8 and my procedure is on the 14. Provided the results are good I will be back in Zambia and in the work the beginning of April so please continue to pray!

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