Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There is no doubt in my mind, these kids are a gift.

It has been another busy week here. Last week, in addition to teaching, Maureen, Fanny and I went through bags of clothes that were Megan's kids. We then went out and bought more so that we could have each child having two full outfits. Then we went out and distributed the clothes to the new families and had some time to visit wit them again.

It is always so great to see the different reactions when we give a gift, especially one as substantial as this. Amos came in and kneeled on the ground to greet us, as is the custom. Fanny handed him the bag and he smiled SO BIG and then JUMPED up and ran out of the room. I think he was embarrassed cause he was so excited and didn't really know what to do. When we gave James his bag- he wouldn't open it  but was desparately trying to see through the bag. We asked him to take a walk with us and he looked so torn between his gift and us, and finally came..... bag safely clutched behind his back. He was NOT letting that thing go!!

On Monday, after teaching in the morning, Maureen Fanny and I went shopping for HOURS searching for the cheapest mosquito nets. Unfortunately, they are not cheap and we couldn't find them for less than about 10 bucks each. We bought them so all the families now have a net, and we also got all the food for Saturdays pool party (we went from having 20 people to cook for to almost 50 when you include us staff and all the W's!) We also got each family laundry soap, soap bars and from donations we recieved I was able to also include hand sanitizer, socks, chewable multivitamins,  toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm and some sweets.

Tuesday again I taught in the morning and then  we went out to shop for shoes. We got all of the new kids pairs of shoes which was great. After that, we went to Tisa's older sisters house to talk to Harrington. He has become very discouraged in school because he has a speech impediment (a bad stutter) and he has fallen behind on his reading because if it. He was getting to a point of not wanteing to go to school because he might get called on to read out loud and get laughed at. It was painful to be there and see him try to explain how he was feeling. The more he tried to explain it to us, the less he could finish his sentance and he became very frustrated and depressed and just started crying and having shortness of breath. We talked to him for a long time, reassuring him and letting him know I would take him out of his tutoring group and give him separate personalized tutoring. It was a long and emotionally/physically tiring day.

I am really looking forward to my trip home. I definately love what I do and I am happy to do it for as long as God gives me breath but the work has piled up and with such few staff and the amount of work to be done it can become overwhelming. I look forward to the break.

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