Tuesday, January 11, 2011

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

I guess my once a week blog has turned into a once a month blog! I am going to try to fix that. I feel like life has been a whirlwind since Thanksgiving and I am still waiting for the dust to settle. I've had a lot of work within Kabanana. We added eight new kids to the program. We also decided to move all of the kids into better schools. We weren't satisfied with the level of care and education they were recieving so for the past few days I've been visiting schoools, finding out prices, paying fees, arranging for lunches and uniforms, buying backpacks and notebooks... it's been very busy. We did have to say though, that if we were still traveling by bus this would have taken us a month to accomplish- so God in His providence brought everything together at the perfect time.

Last week we took Richard and Mwansa to test into school. Richard was technically in grade 3, but performing at a grade 1 level. Mwansa was technically in grade 6 but performing at around grade 2 or 3. Neither of them could read or write sufficiently. As we were walking, Mwansa was holding my hand and she began to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she basically said she knew she was going to fail because she always failed in the past. I reminded her that  God was in control and she'd do fine. They took their tests and I am overwhelmingly proud to say that Mwansa tested into 7th grade, and Richard tested into 5th! In 3 months of real close contact learning, we were able to get them reading, writing, multiplying, dividing and everything in between. I am so happy!!!

Also, someone from home sent money for me to get Richard a bike. When we used to pray after Bible class, I would pray for God to provide me with a car. When Richard saw that prayer answered he began fervently praying for a bike every day. I knew his mom had no money so I just let him keep praying half way laughing each time.... well one of my freinds from home caught wind of it, and sent the money for me to buy Richard a bike for Christmas. You should have been there to see his face and hear the screams of happiness...

This is honestly a reminder that no matter what, God provides. He answers prayer not just for food and clothes and shelter but every once in a while he throws in something special just to see and hear us laugh like this.

I have been feeling sick to my stomach a lot lately and had headaches and lack of sleep. This can be quite irritating with my living situation because if I wake up feeling sick in the night time I have to fumble around to find my shoes, then fumble around to find my keys then unlock my door, then I have to find the key for the padlock and unlock that. After that I have to unhinge the iron gate and walk outside to the toilet (most often in the rain these past few weeks). Then I come back and re hinge and close and lock everything only to get sick an hour later... It can be frustrating but I know I have it much better than lots of the people I live around and work with so I am thankful. Please pray that I'll have patience and joy in every circumstance.

Christmas and New Years were hard days for me, but I had new experiences (Spending Christmas day at a 3 hour church service then an outdoor barbeque with a family from the church- very unlike my cozy snowy christmases at home in my PJ's from the past!). New Years eve I went to an overnight prayer meeting which, to me, was the best way I have ever brough in a new year and I am very thankful to have gone and experienced it.

My car is being finally finished with the insurance  and road tax being paid. I had an alarm system put on it yesterday for obvious reasons and I am very grateful for that, it will save me a lot of stress especially in the compounds. (another 1000 dollars I didn't budget in... sigh.. thankfulness.... thankfulness!) Also I finally got my water filter, My sister and brother in law sent me the funds and I was waiting for a shipment of them to come from South Africa and it's finally in my possesion (hoping this will help the upset stomach issues). I now have plenty of water... here's the look at the fidge:

This week I am finishing up the registrations and payments for the kids and making sure all of them are settled in school with everything they need and then next week I will begin tutoring. I am looking forward to it, and would ask for prayer that I would have wisdom and they would have the ambition so that together we can get them the best education possible.

God is teaching me a lot about patience this year, and I am thankful for the lessons. I tend to feel discouraged if things arent going the way I think they should RIGHT then. I have learned, though, that God really does have a plan for everything. He knows what he's doing and I have to stop trying to be in control- because it's in those times that I start messing things up. I know he has a plan for me... a GREAT one. There is no need for worry or impatience, only joy!

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  1. Thanks for writing:) I really appreciate reading your blog and being able to see some of the things God is doing in Zambia. This day's blog made me cry to think about how our God is compassionate and merciful. Just for a reference pt: I'm pretty sure we met a few years ago at a "singles" conference in Mebane- probably the same one that started the "Beth and Seth Gardner romance":P Its encouraging to see God use you in a place so beyond yourself that He is glorified- that is my prayer for myself as well:)