Sunday, October 31, 2010

My heart will burst if it fills anymore

This week has been just a series of wonderful things. I was sick Thursday and had to cut school off early and cancel my plans to go see the kids in Kabanana. I ended up laying in bed and doing some work on the finances/spreadsheets and emails instead and got a lot accomplished that I couldn't have done other wise so that was good. I got a forwarded email from my dad from a church in Albany that wants to send some money monthly to assist in my expenses here and I was so excited! I have been blessed by the people who have commited to supporting me thus far and I cannot express how much of a relief and a help it is.

The next day we did school then prepared to visit Kabanana again. I went into the house to tell Megan that Maureen and I were leaving (I like to let her know when I'm getting on the bus and when I'm on the way back) and James told me he had some news for me. The church in Riverside has sent money toward me getting a car. I was floored, and I just had to cry and thank God. Needing a means of transportation is my biggest hinderance on my work here and ability to do more- so this is beyond being a blessing.

I have so many reasons to be thankful. So many people are making sure I am taken care of and helping me through prayers and also financially and I could not ask for more (nor do I deserve it). It is easy to feel very alone here. I have the Williamsons here but they also have eachother and it's easy to miss family and friends back home. Without a car I find it also easy to feel a little "trapped" in terms of being able to go where I want to/ need to. Especially with the holidays coming up, I was having some feelings of sadness realizing this will be the first year I will be away from my family for the holidays.... and not just away but AWAY.

Through people's giving and the emails and news I recieved this week I realized that I have family all over the world and people who don't even know me who are willing to love me and care for me and provide for me. GOD is our father, and thus we are all family. I have been humbled by this week, and am beyond overjoyed and thankful.

Our power went out yesterday and has been out all day today also and I will soon lose battery on the computer- but Saturday I went to a market that was wonderful then had a freind, Isaac, pick me up and we rode the bus to Mount Mukulu's young poeples group. It was good, and I got to know people better, and then we spent the day at that church as well today so I was able to stregnthen freindships and make new ones. I am going to try to continue going there- I enjoy the fellowship I have with the young people and I'd like to have a church to go to regularly and serve there in whatever way I can.

There goes my battery... more to come...


  1. Kat,

    We are encouraged by reading your blog, and so happy that our church has been able to help you towards getting a vehicle.... now just the driving test to pass!! and reading what Megan said it wont be first time either!! My wife and I read your blog together as it conveys a real sense of the burden you have for Zambia, and the orphans. There are often tears shed, but we are thankful that we can be a part of what God is doing there even just in our prayers... Tell Christian we said hello and hopefully we'll have an email sent to you to give to him by Wednesday...

    God Bless
    Alistair and Lizette Winter

  2. I'm so happy about all the good news you've received this week! May God continue to bless you and your ministry there more and more! I enjoyed seeing more of it yesterday in SS.